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Clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry

KATO Labs provides GMP quality services for your clinical trials.

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About us
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About us

We are a pharmaceutical company, that has been operating on the polish market since 1994. We reach all pharmaceutical whole salers.

We have our own unique preparations. We employ highly qualified staff that undergoestraining regularly. We have been providing services in the field of storage and distribution ofpreparations for clinical trials since 2005.

We own modern warehouses in Warsaw and Słupsk. We meet all EU standards and norms. Our activity is carried out on the basis of procedures and manufacturing instructions.

Kato Labs
What do we create?


KATO Clinical can provide the following services:• Comprehensive services for your clinical trials

• Storage and distribution of materials, including controlled substances at 2-8 ° C and 15-25 ° C
• Packaging, labeling and storage of preparations in accordance with EU and FDA requirements (cGMP, GCP)
• Qualified Person (QP) Release of materials for clinical trials in Europe, USA and Japan
• Acknowledgement of returns and destruction of materials
• Professional, mulitilingual service by qualified personnel
• Strict supervision of stock
• Monitoring the status of shipments via the Internet Your satisfaction is our priority• Documentation for the entire shipping process
• Transportation that is monitored by electronic temperature loggers
• Precise record keeping of product temperature during transport by drivers
• Secure delivery of materials including the insurance of all shipments
• KATO drivers and airplane pilots deliver throughout Poland and the world
• Delivery 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
• International shipments can be sent by selected couriers
• We can always help in emergency situations

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